SNEEKRSKATE is a brand new project from Powerslide in cooperation with a well-known skateboarder that looked at the sport, but felt something was missing. On one hand there was no hardware offering that catered to people that wanted a cooler skateboard oriented look and feel in roller skating away from the classic disco skates. And on the other there was already a grassroots skate park movement with homemade custom built skates that combined sneakers with wider trucks but without a functional purpose built plate for it. So he incorporated different technical aspects in a plate that is specially built to be used with Sneakers and wide trucks. Sneekrskate was born.

The brand starts initially with a full aluminum casted plate featuring a wide shoe shaped deck that maximises the contact patch to every type of sneaker and therefore giving maximum leverage to steer wider trucks. A built-in heel rise gives a comfortable stance and a toe rise follows the natural shape of a shoe for a clean look.

The DLX plate features 4 wide trucks including Jelly Interlock cushions paired with Sneekrskate Darts wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 freespin bearings for easy cruising. Outdoor wheels in size 62mmx38mm / 80A hardness together with the wide trucks give the plate it's cool skateboard oriented look and provides a smooth and stable ride. Special features are the options to add a heel stopper to the plate for more safety or a Chaya Karma grind block for skate park use.


EU 36-38 - UK 2-4

EU 39-41 - UK 5-7

EU 42-46 - UK 8-12

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