Maintenance and Repairs

Have absolutely no clue about plate mounting? That is what we're here for!

We offer a plate mounting service for all customers, and if you purchased the full package of boot and plate with us we will offer it at a discounted price!

We also offer other repairs and maintenance that you may require (i.e. toe stop change, re-threading, cushion change)

Please choose from the following options:

Option 1 - Plate mount only - full set up purchased from Hive (boot and plate)

Option 2 - Plate mount only (no old plate to remove or mounting holes to fill) - Plate or boot purchased from Hive

Option 3 - Plate mount only (no old plate to take off) - not purchased from Hive 

Option 4 - Plate mount and take old plate off - plate or boot purchased from Hive

Option 5 - Plate mount and take off off plate- plate or boot NOT purchased from Hive 

Option 6 - Chaya plate mounting (Chaya boot only) - purchased from Hive

Option 7 - Chaya plate mounting (Chaya boot only) - not purchased from Hive

Option 8 - Cushion change 

Option 9 - Pivot cup change 

Option 10 - New wheels on - Put bearings in wheels that have no current bearings in

Option 11 - Wheel change (taking old bearings out and new bearing in)

Option  12 - Bearing clean

If you have any specific requirements for your plate mounting or have any questions regarding the options in this list, please contact us on

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