Maintenance and Repairs

Have absolutely no clue about plate mounting? That is what we're here for!

We offer a plate mounting service for all customers, and if you purchased the full package of boot and plate with us we will offer it at a discounted price!

We also offer other repairs and maintenance that you may require (i.e. toe stop change, re-threading, cushion change)

Please choose from the following options:

Option 1 - Plate mount only - full set up purchased from Hive (boot and plate)

Option 2 - Plate mount only - not purchased from Hive 

Option 3 - Plate mount on/off - plate or boot purchased from Hive

Option 4 - Plate mount on/off - plate or boot NOT purchased from Hive 

Option 5 - Chaya plate mounting (Chaya boot only) - purchased from Hive

Option 6 - Chaya plate mounting (Chaya boot only) - not purchased from Hive

Option 7 - Cushion change 

Option 8 - Pivot cup change 

Option 9 - Wheel change 

Option  10 - Bearing clean

Option 11 - Wheel & bearing change 

Option 12 - Plate mount only (no old plate to remove or mounting holes to fill). Plate or boot purchased from Hive

If you have any specific requirements for your plate mounting or have any questions regarding the options in this list, please contact us on

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