Riedell Roller R FIT Kit - Lowcut

Riedell are the one name you need to know when it comes to custom skates and skate boots and now they've taken customisation one step further, thanks to the all new R-Fit Kits.

Every foot can benefit from a little extra support in places, whether you've got an aching pain in the ball of your foot, tingling toes or just want your heel to fit more snugly in your boot, the 16 piece Riedell R-Fit Kit comes with everything that you need to help improve these common problems.

The R-Fit footbed has removable pads which are interchangeable to suit your problem area. The Velcro fastening makes them really simple and quick to adjust and they fit into any stock width Riedell low cut boot.

Kit Includes:

1. The R-Fit Footbed - Designed to help reduce the curling of the insole and provide extra comfort when skating, and some trimming may be required to ensure a good fit within your boot.

2. Metatarsal Pad - If you suffer with a tingling sensation or a numbness around your toes and the ball of your foot, this little pad sits snugly behind the ball of your foot and supports the metatarsal bones.

3. Heel Lift Pads - Will decrease the movement of your heel within the back of your boot to help prevent against painful blisters and irritation which can be caused by too much heel movement.

4. Heel Wedge Pads - These are great for people who suffer with ankle issues and painful arches. The wedge of this pad in particular helps to correct over pronation and over supination. Over pronation occurs when walking, and the arch of your foot flattens to the floor. This is most noticeable when looking at a pair of worn shoes, if the inside of the shoe is flattened this could indicate that you have over pronation. Similarly, surpination occurs when walking and your foot fails to flatten adequately, and pressure is put on the outside of your foot. By positioning the heel wedges correctly, you may start to see a reduction in soreness.

5. Adjustable Arch Supports - Are provided in three different sizes. The Neutral pad comes fitted to the footbed but you can easily remove and change to suit your own arch height giving extra support whilst working to reduce the stress on the tendons in your ankles.

Sizing: There are five different sizes available and although some trimming may be required to get the perfect fit, due to the placement of the pads on the footbed you would have to ensure that you select the correct size. For example if you wear a size US8 boot, ordering the size 9-10.5 and trimming to fit would not work, you would require the size 7-8.5 footbed.

Please Note: This product is not intended to be used as a remedy for serious injuries or issues. Should your discomfort become worse through using this product, remove the pads from your boots and seek medical advice.

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