Always feel like plates are a world of confusion and all you want to know is - “Which plate is right for me?” - well we are here to help! The first set of posts in our series will be explaining each of our plates that we offer at Hive for Roller Derby. 


The angle of a plate comes from the kingpin, which is what attaches all of the parts of the truck together (cushions, washers and trucks). Every plate has different angled kingpins depending on what they have been designed for, and the more you get used to your own skating style it becomes personal to you what you want out of a plate and the angle. 

Most plates used for roller derby range from 15-20 degree, with some going as extreme as 45 degree. If you are upgrading from a pair of entry level skates, we would recommend going for something around 15-16 as this is what you would find on most nylon plates that are included with beginner skates for roller derby, so this wouldn't feel like a big jump from your current setup. 

First up!


Roll-Line Blaster

Roll-Line is a highly reputable company within the skate industry. The Blaster plate is specifically designed for Roller Derby intermediate skaters. This is an aluminium plate with a slick black finish. The plate has a 15 degree axle inclination - meaning that it is highly durable and provides a lot of adjust-ability, increasing the responsiveness of the plate. 

Available in 8mm and 7mm axles and a metric thread (European thread) toe stop. Because there is a metric thread on all Roll-Line plates, this means that they are only compatible with Roll-Line toe stops. Therefore because most toe stops are made with an Imperial (US standard) thread, they will not fit in a Roll-Line plate. With the Blaster you can choose from either 7mm and 8mm axles. 

This plate is extremely reasonable in price - at just £154.95 - the lowest priced metal plate in our range. But that doesn’t mean that the quality of the plate has been sacrificed. This plate is perfect for skaters who are upgrading from their first pair of entry level package skates. 

Roll-Line Killer

The Killer is a high class plate with a highly technical frame. This plate is the first of its kind with two different kingpin angles - 18 degree at the front and 15 degree at the back. This gives the plate the unique ability to provide control and stability at the back, and lateral responsiveness at the front. The structural integrity of the plate is excellent with a cross bone structure, and the plate is so pleasing to the eye! Now only available in the black. Includes the natural ambra toe stop. 

Available in 7mm and 8mm steel axles. Same as the Blaster plate, the Killer is only compatible with a metric thread toe stop. The toe stop is canted towards the big toe which allows for better stopping and stability when performing toe stops skills. The plate has a click action adjustment system, meaning that you can adjust your trucks quickly and simply. The click action allows you to keep track of how tight or loose you have adjusted them. 

The Killer is priced at £339.95. We would recommend this plate to the more advanced skater to improve and take their game to the next level. The quality has definitely not been compromised with this plate, and due to this it is used by some of the best roller derby athletes in our sport. 

Pilot Falcon

The Pilot Falcon is a well designed mid-range plate aimed at intermediate/advanced skaters. The falcon is reasonably priced at £239.95 - due to this it is also great for skaters deciding to level up from their entry level skates. 

The Pilot Falcon is available in a range of colours - silver, blue, gold, pink, purple, and red. It has a 16 degree truck angle and 8mm axles. Available with Bionic cushions and the Bionic Super Stopper. The Pilot also has a 16 degree truck angle with 8mm axles. 

For those who are not qualified engineers and have no idea about the materials used for manufacturing - the Falcon has a one-piece cast truck - a method used to heat the material above its melting temperature and pour it into moulds to solidify. The Plus has forged 7075 trucks - a method used to force a material into a shape whilst remaining solid. Forged 7075 has strength comparable to many steels, therefore making it stronger and longer lasting than the one-piece cast truck on the Falcon. 

The Plus also has an adjustable pivot, which means that the angle of the plate can be adjusted slightly so your wheels sit closer to the base of your plate.

Powerdyne Arius Platinum Plate

One of the best Roller Derby plates on the market, with its slick design and lightweight frame it is highly rated by many skaters all over the world. Re-designed to withstand high amounts of pressure and last a long time. The new winged butterfly cushions included in the truck design of the plate allow for precise edging and laterals. You can get a lot of power out of this plate! Especially through the toe as they have redesigned the toe stop area, so that the bolt is at the front of the housing. The features of the plate do not specify that the trucks have a degree as such, but the angle is greater than most plates in the roller derby market therefore it is extremely responsive to edge work and lateral movements. 

The Arius platinum is priced at £429.95 being one of the most expensive plates out there - trust us it is definitely worth it! We have both skated on this plate, so we’re not biased or anything!

Bont Athena Plate

The Bont Athena is a great all rounder plate; can be used for outdoor, indoor, rink skating and of course roller derby. It has a 20 degree kingpin angle that is great for edge work, tight turns and lateral movement - perfect for derby! This plate has a low profile meaning that the wheels are closer to the ground, which lowers your centre of gravity. The plate comes with ultra high rebounding 88a (black) cushions and Delrin pivot cups. It is one of the best plates out there for speed and power transfer. The Athena no longer comes with a toe stop, but as the thread is imperial it is compatible with most toe stops on the market. 

The Athena comes in a very slick design available in black, silver and rose gold. Although once stock runs out of the rose gold it will no longer be available. Available in a range of sizes so a great option for tiny and larger feet. One of our mid range priced plates at £289.95, we think this is a great price for the quality of the plate. 

Roll-Line Variant F 

The Variant is primarily an artistic plate, however it can be used for roller derby. It is a great upgrade from nylon to aluminium at an affordable price. The Variant has 7mm axles which means that you would need 7mm bearings as well as adapters to fit most wheels on the market. It also has a metric thread in the toe stop housing, so they are only compatible with Roll-Line toe stops. Unlike the killer, the Variant does not have the toe stops canted towards the big toe (see above), so the alignment of the mounting is important to factor in if you were to buy this plate. 

The Variant is priced at £134.95. it is a great price for an aluminium upgrade or if you are learning to skate and would rather stay away from nylon plates.